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Endodontic Bleaching

When teeth are damaged they can often become discoloured.

Everything you need to know about endodontic bleaching

Teeth may discolour due to the use of older or outmoded materials and medicaments as well as the breakdown of blood in the root canal.

This visible symptom of unhealthy teeth can often be a source of self-consciousness from the patient.

Standard bleaching and tooth-whitening products are not enough to mask the discolouration, as they only mask the discolouration of the tooth from the outside.

Endodontic Bleaching is used to whiten teeth that have had root canal treatments, and involves bleaching the tooth from the inside of the tooth.

What is involved with endodontic bleaching

The inside of the tooth is accessed through the hole that was originally used to carry out the root canal procedure.

A material is placed over the top of the root canal filling to protect the tooth from the bleaching agent.

A whitening agent is applied inside the crown of the tooth under the temporary filling following completion of the root filling.

A temporary filling is placed in the tooth to protect the inside of the tooth and to allow time for the bleach to work.

The bleaching agent is left for a period of days, then removed.

Several appointments may be required, depending on the level and time duration of discolouration.

The pellet or gel will be removed once the desired level of whiteness is met, and the tooth restored with a permanent filling.

It is a very easy and patient friendly technique as the patient has to do nothing other than wait for it to work.

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