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Pre and Post-Op Care

What we can provide

This section has been specifically written for our most common endodontic procedure, the root canal therapy.

Preparation and Post Op Care will typically be consistent across all of our treatments, however, we will ensure that you will receive personalised advice for pre-op, and post-op care from your Endodontist.


The procedure is performed using a local anaesthetic, which should not affect your daily activities, unless directly advised by your Endodontist.

Most medications will not interfere or cause any adverse interaction with the anaesthetic, and there are no restrictive conditions around food or drink, so please continue as you would any other day.

If you have any specific concerns please contact your local physician or speak with our specialists.

The Procedure

On your first visit with Endodontics Only, we will perform an Endodontic Consultation, which will include imaging, examination, and discussion of the diagnosis and treatment options.

In most cases, treatment can also be done during your first visit.

If not, you will be scheduled for your treatment on a different day.

Immediately Afterwards

In most cases, a local anaesthetic may be administered for your treatment.

The recovery time following treatment varies on an individual basis, however, most patients are able to go back to work after the procedure is over and resume their normal life without any changes.

However, if you feel dizzy or disoriented after a lengthy treatment session, you may consider having a friend or family member pick you up after the procedure.

If you are unable to arrange alternative transport, and feel uncomfortable about driving immediately following your dental procedure, please let our team know and we can call for a taxi service.

Your endodontist may advise the use of some medication to alleviate pain or inflammation, and on occasion, you may be given a prescription for pain-killers or antibiotics.

You will need to schedule a crown appointment with your general dentist after the root canal procedure, please ask your endodontist to advise you of time frame.

Caring for Your Teeth

After the procedure, you must continue with your routine of oral hygiene to avoid any problems or additional procedures.

Please avoid any overly hot or overly cold foods whilst the local anaesthesia is still in effect, and take note that it is possible to bite your lip or tongue whilst they are numb.

Soft foods are recommended, especially if the tooth has been very tender prior to treatment.

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Contact & Support

Your specialist will provide you with specific advice about your procedure.

If you experience any problems after the procedure, please do not hesitate to call our doctors for advice.

If you have a dental emergency requiring immediate attention, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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