Traumatic Injury Management

Blunt force trauma to the teeth can cause them to become dislodged, broken, or displaced in the mouth. 

Teeth that are pushed back into the jaw, knocked out of alignment, or forced out from their socket can usually be treated successfully.

The tooth will first be repositioned then stabilised by splinting. If the inner tooth (the pulp) maintains its health, then no other treatment may be required. If the pulp is damaged and becomes infected, it will be necessary to perform a root canal treatment.

If your tooth has been completely avulsed (knocked out), it is important that you treat it immediately. Only ever touch the tooth by the enamel. If possible, put the tooth back into the socket. If this is not an option, put the tooth in a glass of cold milk. Never use plain water as this will kill the outer layer of cells that attach the tooth to it’s socket.

The success rate of replanting knocked-out teeth is high if the procedure is performed within 20 minutes of the incident.

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