Endodontic Bleaching

When teeth are damaged they can often become discoloured. This is caused by the break down of blood, leaking from the pulp into the adjacent dentine.

This visible symptom of unhealthy teeth can often be a source of self-consciousness.

Standard bleaching and tooth-whitening products are not enough to mask the discolouration, as they only mask the discolouration of the tooth from the outside.

Endodontic Bleaching restores the natural colour of the tooth by whitening the tooth from the inside. The inside of the tooth is accessed through the hole that was originally used to carry out the root canal procedure. A gel or pellet of bleaching agent is inserted into this cavity then sealed in with a temporary filling. The bleaching agent is left for a period of days, then removed. This process may need to be repeated several times to get the right amount of whiteness. The pellet or gel will be removed once the desired level of whiteness is met, and the tooth restored with a permanent filling.

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