What is Endodontic Treatment?

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the “inside” of the tooth: the dental pulp, root, nerves and surrounding tissue.

What is Endodontic TreatmentOn your first visit to Endodontics Only we will discuss the reason for your referral.  A comprehensive examination of your tooth and the source of any discomfort or pain will be undertaken.  Most endodontic treatments are necessary due to an infection of the tooth or ‘root canal’ from bacteria normally present in the mouth.  This can occur as the result of a broken filling, a failing restoration, caries (a hole in the tooth), a crack in the tooth, or trauma.  Endodontic infections are often painless but it is also common to have pain on biting as well as temperature sensitivity to hot and/or cold food.  An abscess can be extremely painful with throbbing pain and interrupted sleep that often does not respond to pain killing medication.

Timely treatment of infection is usually warranted, so your first appointment at Endodontics Only is generally for one hour.  This allows sufficient time to diagnose the source of any infection and commence treatment to relieve pain. The cost of treatment is advised and the procedure and prognosis is discussed prior to treatment.  Most endodontic treatments require at least 2 appointments with the root filling only completed after the infection and/or pain has been resolved. Single visit endodontics is sometimes possible in certain cases.

If the tooth is severely broken down, or there is a deep crack in the tooth which can develop from biting forces in a weak tooth, endodontic treatment may not be appropriate. At Endodontics Only, we use high powered operating microscopes to provide a comprehensive assessment of the tooth and assess the suitability of the tooth for treatment.  We also employ the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that treatment is comfortable and, most importantly, successful.

The cost of an endodontic procedure can vary depending which tooth is affected and on the extent of the damage to the tooth. Endodontic treatment is usually much less expensive than artificial tooth replacement.

At Endodontics Only we specialise in the following treatments:

  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Endodontic Retreatment
  • Endodontic Surgery / Apicoectomy
  • Traumatic Injury Management
  • Endodontic Bleaching
  • Cracked Teeth


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